Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Picks

Let’s see if I can run the table…how cool would that be?

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions +9

Lions at home, playing the single biggest game of the season, with the chance to knock off their division rival drawing closer by the week to perfection? Could this game get any better? Could this be any bigger for Detroit? I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say this is the biggest game the Lions have played in at least two decades. A victory would reaffirm the Lion’s standing as a Super Bowl contender while a loss would indicate they still have a ways to go. The 07’ Patriots taught us that undefeated teams generally start to slow down right round this time, and walking into a buzzsaw in Detroit seems way to perfect.

Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys -2.5

Don’t be too alarmed that Dallas needed a missed kick in overtime to beat the Redskins…their contests have always been close. Okay, be worried, Matt Moore is coming to town and he shows no mercy. But it’s right around this time the Cowboys make their push for the postseason, and at 6-4 tied with the Giants at the top of the division, it’s now or never.

San Francisco 49ers +7 @ Baltimore Ravens

I don’t trust Alex Smith against Ed Reed and that defense. It has been a great run (and it’s not over) but Smith can’t just be a “game manager” to topple the league’s top defense. Flacco isn’t much better, but at least he’s at home, where he has been his best all season.

That's the case for the Ravens. All season long I've been talking myself out of teams I like into teams I don't like because that's what the conventional wisdom says to do. Not this time! I hate the Ravens, and I think the 49ers are really good, so there...49ers it is.

Six reasons I love Thanksgiving…

1. Smoking the Turkey…

2. Telling everyone I need to take a dump to get out of dish washing duty.

3. Food comas

4. Family

5. Telling everyone watching football is “my job” because I write about it for little monetary gain.

6. Stuffing. I can eat it with anything. My favorite thing is a giant spoonful of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. My mouth is watering just thinking abou it…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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