Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beards...they grow on you!

It’s No-Shave-November. I have a strange fascination with facial hair. I don't feel like writing 3,000 words. Oh what the Hell, why not showcase the best beards to ever grace the faces of athletes across the country?

In no particular order:

1. Baron Davis

I don’t care if Baron Davis is fat and lazy…that beard is awesome!

2. Kimbo Slice

If only he was half as good as his beard…

3. Braylon Edwards

Did his ability to catch the football get lost somewhere in that monster?

4. Jeff Reed

Too bad he just got cut…from his football team

5. Brian Wilson

I’m 100% heterosexual…but that thing makes me swoon

6. The New England Patriots offensive line

How much are they paying these West Virginian mountain men to masquerade as professional football players?

7. Ricky Williams

He smokes pot, and can grow an awesome beard!

8. Lanny McDonald

Is he a hockey player or a soldier from the battle of Gettysburg?

9. Phil Jackson

Who knew?
10. Boone Logan

Does nobody love him?

...And 15,000 brain cells later, the ten best pieces of facial hair to ever be seen in sports...