Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 14 Picks

Kansas City Chiefs @ New York Jets -10

As poor as the Jets have looked, you don’t honestly believe in Tyler Palko, do you?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Jacksonville Jaguars +9

Josh Freeman is hurting, the Bucs aren’t believing, and Raheem Morris decided it would be a swell idea to instill some discipline in his team for the first time last week. This feels like a rock-bottom loss for the Bucs against Blaine Gabbert, quite possibly the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.

New England Patriots -6.5 @ Washington Redskins

What are the chances Sexy Rexy tosses three touchdowns and throws for 400 yards against the Pat’s putrid defense? In other news, Rob Gronkowski is good. A fascinating race between “Gronk” and Jimmy Graham for the one and only Tight End slot on the All-pro team.

Atlanta Falcons -5 @ Carolina Panthers

It’s a shame Carolina’s defense is so, so, so awful, otherwise they might be my upset pick every Sunday.

Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens -16

Ed Reed can barely contain himself.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Miami Dolphins -3

If you don’t favor the Dolphins here you haven’t watched football in six weeks. Matt Moore is startlingly competent.

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions -10

I smell a late season Lion’s run! Also, is Ndamukong Suh quickly becoming the most polarizing figure in the league not named Tim Tebow? It’s not just the on field stuff; that car crash in Portland seemed really fishy to me. You can read the details here, but he calls 911, and insists no one is hurt, when, apparently, people were? As pleasant as he seems to be off the football field, are we sure Suh isn’t slightly crazy?

New Orleans Saints -3.5 @ Tennessee Titans

The Saints are still a little bit hard to read. They’ve been inconsistent on the road, and the defense is mediocre. This one settles it—if New Orleans loses we know once and for all that the Saints are the most inconsistent ‘good’ team in the league. I’m interested in the answer.

Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals -2.5

Last Sunday was more of ‘The Steelers are really freaking good’ than ‘The Bengals really suck’. I think they can handle T.J Yates and the perennially hobbled Andre Johnson.

Chicago Bears @ Denver Broncos -5

He hasn’t failed me yet…

San Francisco 49ers -7 @ Arizona Cardinals

Kevin Kolb, however, has…many times.

Buffalo Bills @ San Diego Chargers -1.5

Yes, I really am getting suckered into yet another late season Charger’s run. Philip Rivers finally looked himself against a surprisingly strong Jaguar’s defense.

Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers -10

Carson Palmer might be able to accumulate the passing yards, but he has been known to toss interceptions from time to time. If there’s one thing this much-maligned Packer’s defense is good at, it’s capitalizing on the opponent’s mistakes.

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys -1

Both these teams have split personalities…you never know which one will show up. I’m picking the Cowboys because…well, because I said the Cowboys were the most likely team to make a late season push to the playoffs. But Jason? Next time, try not to ice your own kicker…okay?

St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks -2.5

I continue to be fascinated by Tarvaris Jackson’s competency and mediocrity. He’s bad and good at the same time…

Lock of the Week: Green Bay Packers OVER Oakland Raiders

Upset of the Week: Jacksonville Jaguars OVER Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pounding of the Week: Baltimore Ravens OVER Indianapolis Colts

Last Week: 8-8

Overall: 98-89-8

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