Thursday, July 21, 2011

Advanced Baseball Metrics For Idiots (Like Myself)

Advanced baseball stats are complicated. I needed a way to better digest the various "FIP's", "OPS's", and "UZR's" lest I botch one of the fifty million or so acronyms that comprise sabermetrics in future writings.

To save myself I came up with these handy index cards that feature short descriptions of various popular advanced baseball statistics, a league average number that provides some context, and the acronym written out to keep myself sane.

I figured I would share these with everyone in case others are equally mathematically impaired. Keep in mind that these are VERY concise descriptions that are meant to remind yourself what everything means rather than go into great detail. For that we have FanGraphs and Baseball Prospectus.

These are by no means all inclusive, so all suggestions or improvements are very much welcome.

The cards look a little funky in Google Docs but should straighten out once you open them in Microsoft Word.


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